(Bradley warns a heckler that he’s in for a very firm handshake)

Los Angeles Dodgers CF Milton Bradley is the kind of public figure frequently linked to the words “anger management” and “unfortunate incident”. As such, he tells the LA Times’ Steve Henson that he is a changed man.

Some changes have been noticeable. He makes a point of saying hello to the umpire the first time he steps into the batter’s box. He convened a players-only meeting in spring training and told his abundance of new teammates, “I’m not the person you’ve heard about.”

Manager Jim Tracy said Bradley has “a completely different demeanor in the dugout. He is one of the first guys to shake someone’s hand.”

When the Dodgers blew a lead in the ninth inning after Bradley made a diving catch to end a threat in the eighth, sending a game against Arizona into extra innings last week, he retreated to the empty clubhouse and screamed at the top of his lungs. He said he considered breaking something but instead took a deep breath and returned to the dugout to cheer on his teammates.