Think there’s any chance The NY Post’s Peter Vescey covets Stephen A. Smith’s prominent TV commentary role? Or perhaps he’s just dilligent about reminding us how much Stephen A. Sucks? From today’s edition of “Hoops Du Jour”.

One of the most dishonest remarks of all time was uttered the other day by Greg Anthony, who stated how happy he is in his role as an ESPN studio analyst, adding he has no desire to become an NBA GM at this time.

That’s known as lying through your teeth, instantly elevating Anthony to leading candidate for executive of the year.

In other words, pilgrims, Gilbert hasn’t as much as faked making him an offer to replace Jim Paxson.

The day Anthony turns down a chance to run a roster is the day Stephen A. Smith says something faintly intelligent, thought-provoking or original.

Glenn Robinson (above) began this season with the 76ers and didn’t play a single second before being transferred to the Hornets on Feb. 24 for Jamal Mashburn and Rodney Rogers. He wanted no part of Philly the moment Jim O’Brien notified him rookie Andre Iguodala had beaten him out for the starting small-forward spot. Robinson had less use for New Orleans and vice versa, thus was waived March 1 following a contract buyout.

Sure enough, just like Jimmy Jackson and Alonzo Mourning, a solid contender came to the rescue and The Big Doggin’ It signed with the Spurs last week.

The Players Association’s new motto: Pout, then prepare to reroute.