Nor has Raul been kind to the New Century.  The following is from the July 11 edition of Dominican Today (link courtesy Mondesi’s House, via David Pinto)

SAN CRISTOBAL, Dominican Republic.- Crews which detect and eliminate electrical fraud have uncovered irregularities worth some RD$50 million in the last 2 months, including illegal connections found in the homes of the ex- Major Leagues ball players Raul Mondesí and Jose Rijo.

For the presumed fraud uncovered in the multimillionaire ex- big leaguer™s residence and deputy-elect for the governing PLD party in this southern province, Mondesí was fined RD$150,000, which has yet to be paid, said of the National Electrical Fraud Elimination Support Program (Paef) PR Jorge Peguero. Mondesí™s and Rijo™s residences are in their native San Cristóbal.

In Rijo™s case, he was slapped a $67,766 peso fine, the official said, adding that the irregularities consisted in that major appliances and heaters had separate connections, which kept the electric meter from measure the real consumption.