Newsday’s Ken Davidoff charitably writes there have been “complaints rising that Citi Field lacks a significant  Mets presence”, and those moaners and groaners have a point.  I’ve attended both of Cit’s first two regular season games and aside from the retired Mets numbers on the left field wall, a handful of “see ya later” signs depicting Mr. Met (and Mr. Met himself), there’s not much about the building that evokes the club’s history, visual imagery, you name it.   Even a touch as obvious as blue and orange plastic seats was eschewed in favor of utilitarian green.  But cheer up, Metropolitans fans, Davidoff reports the club have heard your anguished cries and intend to do something about it….just as soon as they dig all that dusty Mets crap out of the closet.

“We’re intending to have a Mets Hall of Fame,” Fred Wilpon (above) said after the dedication of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. “We haven’t put it into practice. We’ll have a Mets Hall of Fame, Mets memorabilia. Things of that nature.”

At Shea Stadium, the Mets had a team Hall of Fame display in its Diamond Club. Asked where the new display would be, Wilpon said, “We haven’t really exactly said where it’s going to be. We think it’s going to be out in the food court, where so many people will get to see it.”

The items from the Shea Stadium Mets Hall of Fame exhibit are currently in storage.