“The video starts with a “Star Wars” rip-off and includes Christopher Cross’ 1980 hit “Sailing.” It shows Cespedes giving what could be the longest stare at a home run ever and making two blind, behind-the-back catches. It name-drops Ahman Green, showcases a giant shirtless man dancing and ends with a whole hog roasting on a spit.”  So wrote Yahoo’s Jeff Passan of “Yoenis Cespedes: The Showcase”, a 20 minute (!) hype job designed to stoke interest in Cuban defector / CF free agent Cespedes, currently an object of the Phillies’ desire (and presumably one whose signing will result in less criticism than Ryan Madson’s new deal). Baseball Prospectus’ Kevin Goldstein wrote a rather detailed review of the astonishing clip (briefly deleted, yet once again uploaded to You Tube), and at the risk of saddling Cespedes with lofty expectations, it is most paradigm-chasing, straight-to-video resume I’ve seen since this classic.