Is the latest Queen Latifah star vehicle, “Just Wright”, a breezy antidote to a megaplex summer packed with sequels and 3D gimmickry, or is it the worst hoops movie (of sorts) since “Celtic Pride”? (uh, “Eddie”? “Juwana Mann”?) Since I have no intention whatsoever of finding out, we’ll allow The No Look Pass’ Brandon Tomyoy to cherry-pick from the highlights of a film that expects us to believe Common and Latifah are a couple.

Common™s character, Point Guard Scott McKnight, is a two-time MVP and the franchise player of the New Jersey Nets. They accurately mention that the Nets made their last NBA Finals appearance in 2003. What goes unmentioned, however, is any existence of Jason Kidd, who couldn™t have possibly been starting at the same position of the fictional McKnight.

– The injury that happens to Scott McKnight occurs during a play in the All-Star Game. Since when does any NBA player play hard enough to injure themselves in the All-Star Game? When is the last time a serious injury even occurred during the festivities?

– Rajon Rondo easily has the most random appearance in the film. As Common™s Scott McKnight begins to admire Leslie Wright™s god-sister, Morgan Alexander (played by Paula Patton), Rondo walks on screen to smile in acknowledgement. Nothing more. Considering that nearly every other NBA player actually shows up in a scene on a basketball court, what on Earth is Rondo doing just being the guy that™s happy to check a girl out?

– One of the key points of the film takes place in the Eastern Conference Finals in which the New Jersey Nets “ owners of NBA™s worst record this past season “ host the Miami Heat. Apparently, they weren™t going for accuracy in this film.

– Elton Brand makes an appearance in the film as himself and acts as a player who is desperate to hire a good physical therapist for the Sixers, so much so that he asks the front office if he can invite that therapist personally. Looking at his injury-riddled career since leaving the Clippers, this comes as no surprise. Karma™s a bitch, ain™t it?