’s Lisa Waananen notes that Cleveland’s short-season Class A affiliate the Spokane Indians have taken an unusual tact when it comes to their nickname.  While the parent club seem to be de-emphasizing the oft-derided Chief Wahoo logo, Spokane has trumpeted their ties to the Spokane Tribe Of Indians, and starting next June, the team’s primary home uni’s will feature the sleeve patch shown below :

“The Spokane Indians baseball organization has been very respectful and very kind,” Spokane tribal chairman Rudy Peone said. “The Spokane Indians are not the Spokane Savages, not the Spokane insert-derogatory-word here. It was named specifically after us. In our last meeting, last Spring, they talked about changing their uniforms and using the Salish spelling for their team. That was received very well from us. They don’t have any imagery that would be not very flattering and we appreciate that.”