The San Francisco Chronicle’s Susan Slusser was just on ESPN’s “FirstTake” surveying the wreckage that is the baseball Giants after being swept at home by Oakland over the weekend. Nasty “observers” says Slusser, are calling Barry Bonds “a glorified singles hitter” who “looks like he’s done.” Hey, Barry stole a base on Friday and Saturday. Where’s the love for small ball(s)? The Chronicle’s Betting Fool saw enough over the last 3 games to denounce the Giants as “old, boring and gutless…easily the most annoying, most disappointing team in the last 20 years.”

Even Lenny DorkNerdo shut down the Giants on Sunday. Are they kidding? What a joke. This guy wouldn’t be in MLB if I had my way and there were four less teams. A steady diet of junk, just off the plate, is death to the undisciplined Giants hitters. Give DorkNerdo credit. He knew just how to silence the Giants — by simply taking the mound.

If Jeff Kent were still on the team, he’d have kicked someone’s ass by now. It might not help, but I bet a few guys would wake up

This idiotic All-Star Game garbage has helped hide the ugly truth in San Francisco. This old, boring and gutless team needs to be gutted — as soon as possible.

It has apparently escaped the Betting Fool’s notice that Lenny DiNardo is now sporting an ERA of 1.22 over 37 innings pitched.