S.I. Yankees 10, Cyclones 0 (bottom of the 2nd)

….especially if you had money on the Mets’ short-season single A affiliate falling behind by a TD and a field goal before 6 outs were recorded.

On the bright side, there have been no reports of Sandy The Seagull touching any youngsters in a secret place. This evening.

(Sandy’s cohort, Pee Wee, disturbed by rumors of an Ed Asner sighting)

I don’t wanna say the ‘Clones look to be short on quality arms, but I just saw Von LMO warming up in the Brooklyn pen.

UPDATE : 4 hours and 5 Brooklyn errors later, Staten Island opens their 2006 campaign with an 18-0 win.Yankees’ 1B Kyle Larsen had a pair of homers and 5 RBI’s on the night. The sole highlight for yours truly — if you can call it that — was being present for the professional debut of Brooklyn C Stephen Puhl (above) selected as the 514th overall pick in the Amateur Draft earlier this month. As recently as this spring, Puhl was honing his craft for St. Edwards of Division II’s Heartland Conference, being closely observed in the brutal Texas heat by your author, his dog….and, well, maybe 2 dozen other persons who were either relatives of the players or total baseball degenerates. It’s a long, long way from South Austin to Coney Island, baby, and in terms of glamor, Keystone Park is like the San Fucking Siro compared to Lucien-Hamilton Field.)