As the D-Backs and Padres continue to put distance between themselves and the rest of the NL West, the trailing clubs keep finding new ways to lose. Rather than recap the bizarro last few innings of last nights Arizona/LA game, I’ll let Dodger Thoughts’ Jon Weisman do it for you.

(Javier Vazquez, remained in the game for offense)

The Dodgers have staked Jeff Weaver to a 3-0 lead early in today’s contest in Phoenix. Weaver is looking more and more like Jeff Jarrett gone hackey-sac, and I apologize in advance if Michael Corcoran already made that observation in one of his columns. If you’re a Mets fan not quite sickened enough by today’s defeat at the hands of Carlos Delgado and the Marlins, you’ll note that Jason Phillips’s batting average is nearly 30 points higher than that of Mike Piazza, their slugging and on base percentages are pretty close…and the former is earning about $15 million less than the latter.