Perhaps Michael Beasley chose the wrong sport? Armed with a small arsenal of carefully researched data —ie. his own experience playing MLB 13: The Show (“a good sativa / indica hybrid is important because you don’t want heavy lidded eyes”), Cannibis Culture’s Matt Mernagh cites Juan Uribe’s recent 3-HR game (and a pot leaf hat in Uribe’s locker) as compelling evidence that “marijuana is a performance enhancing drug when used correctly.” (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

Video game baseball is slow, which allows for plenty of toking. When I’m getting roughed up on the mound, I’ll smoke more marijuana to regain my focus. MLB13 is not real, but when I’m buzzing and focused it’s real enough for me.

I’m not saying Uribe had just smoked a joint or three before his three home run game, but what if the hat was a sly stoner wink-wink nudge-nudge that he did. Maybe Uribe wanted to say to the
reporters gathered around his locker, “I smoked a joint of really amazing Girl Scout Cookies and saw the ball really well. I was 100% relaxed in the batter box tonight and my arms felt they were a mile long. The Girl Scout Cookies really helped my swing, which made the ball explode off the bat.”

Fascinatingly, the farthest point from home plate to deep centre field at the stadium the Dodger’s play at is 420ft. Is this some kind of cannabis coincidence? No, there are several stadiums in baseball with the legendary 420 displayed in their outfields, Detroit Tigers Comerica Park, Cleveland Indians and Boston Red Sox stadium have 420 listed on their outfield walls too. Fenway Park where the Red Sox play also has a “Green Monster.” I think it’s time to move Toronto’s Skydome (I refuse to call it the Roger’s Centre) walls back to 420ft mark. During one game I went five innings straight before an usher asked me very politely to not vaporizer during the game. I was amiable because a small cloud of cannabis smoke was languishing in the air.