The New York Mets held their annual Christmas party yesterday, and the New York Daily News’ Adam Rubin would have you believe that David Wright donned the Santa suit. There’s no explanation why Wright had to borrow Ron Jaworski’s glasses, but everyone is entitled to their own interpretation of the Saint Nick character.

Rubin also reported earlier today that Mako Oliveras is the new manager of the Mets’ Eastern League affiliate in Binghamton, replacing Juan Samuel.

The Washington Nationals have traded 2B Jose Vidro to Seattle in exchange for oft-injured outfielder Chris Snelling and reliever Emiliano Fruto, writes the Washington Post’s Barry Svrluga, who claims the Mariners will be picking up the bulk of the remaining $16 million that Vidro is owed.

For a guy whose team didn’t just drop $50 million + on a pitcher with questionable credentials, Federal Baseball’s Basil is pretty pumped up.

The Nats were set to dump Vidro, but instead dumped Vidro and Vidro’s salary, and got something that looks pretty good in return. You know how Bodes has sort of been acting like the cat that swallowed the canary recently? That canary obviously tastes good. Pinch me now.As mesmerized as I am by this deal, something else might amaze me even more: Chris Snelling turned 25 nine days ago. How is this even possible? I’ve been reading about this guy for years—literally years. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Mariners fans have been touting him since before the franchise was even formed ex nihilo. If not, it seems like that long. Yet, he’s only 25 years old. I suppose it’s because Snelling was only 20 when the Mariners first called him up, and he’s been injured fairly perpetually since then.

John Rocker’s latest public appearance had me thinking about the Long Island Ducks. Perhaps Russ Ortiz will be the next former major leaguer to benefit from a stint in Central Islip?

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