Though the Bobcats’ Adam Morrison recently chopped off his girlie-locks, the former Gonzaga scoring machine “still looks dazed and confused” writes Newsday’s Alan Hahn.

This past Tuesday against the Knicks, Morrison bricked his first attempt and air-balled his second, which drew loud groans from the few people who bother attending games in Charlotte. After that, Morrison got the shakes and passed up open looks, which drove coach Larry Brown crazy.

The Bobcats have been shopping Morrison since the start of the season but have drawn no interest in the former lottery pick, who is just another one of Michael Jordan’s awful front-office decisions (Kwame Brown, you actually have company in this category).

His Errness and the ‘Cats didn’t help matters in October by picking up a $5.2-million rookie-scale extension on Morrison for next season. The reasoning for doing this made little sense. Apparently, the option was taken so Morrison couldn’t exercise his no-trade rights this season. So instead of letting him go after this season, the Bobcats likely are on the hook to pay him for another season if they can’t make a trade.

The Knicks Blog
cites unnamed sources claiming Porland hopes to reunite Channing Frye with David Lee by trading for the latter.  KB’s Tommy Dee correctly surmises Jerryd Bayliss probably isn’t enough to get it done, though I hope there’s some consideration that keeping Lee in a New York uniform only makes MSG a more enticing destination for most free agents in 2010.