ESPN and NESN’s Charlie Moore, as profiled in the latest issue of Boston Magazine by Geoffrey Gagnon (link culled from Scott’s Shots)

œWhat I have is a gift, he explains. œI say that seriously. There™s a difference between egotism and cockiness. I™m telling you that what I have is talent.

Moore™s shows are about angling, ostensibly, but he admits that those who are actually interested in the sport™s finer points would be better served watching some other programming. This admission, however, is no endorsement of other fishing shows”a genre Moore considers œlame and œboring, and from which he disassociates himself. This is especially true in his ESPN program, where Moore stands as testament to our cultural fascination with anything”even a fisherman”gone wild. The cocky, condescending Bostonian Moore channels on ESPN has outdoorsmen across the country tuning in, and waffling between wanting either to grab a beer with the wild man, or punch him. œPeople love me because I™m fucking crazy, he says. œNot crazy like I™m gonna pull out a nine and fucking shoot you in the kneecap, but crazy still.

œThis is not a fucking fishing show; fishing shows suck, Moore says. œI™m out to make a great television show; I™m out to make people™s TiVo lists. The show works not because I™m a better fisherman than other people on TV”which I am”it works because I™m flat out more talented. I™m Jim Carrey on a bass boat.