Of his upcoming heavyweight bout against Tony Bellew at London’s O2 Arena this Saturday, former World Champion David Haye has claimed, “even in (Bellew’s) home town of Liverpool, I would be stopped in the street by people begging me to spectacularly send him into retirement.” At a Monday news conference in that very city, Haye was somewhat unnerved by the locals’ support for their fighter, calling the crowd, “fucking retards.” The Guardian’s Mark Dobson :

“I’m really happy you’ve all come out,” Haye said. “Bet all the money you have. Each and every one of you should bet on Bellew to win the fight.

“You know your fighter is going to get drilled. When he comes back to Liverpool be there for him, because he’s going to need you.”

The fighters had to be separated during a feisty press conference but Bellew said: “I’m proud of where I come from and what I stand for. Saturday I’m going to create something that will never die, when I beat Sideshow Bob.

“I’m not going in with an invincible; he was fantastic, in his prime. Still, the single punching, quickest heavyweight in the world. But the gas tank is very low.

“I’m expecting the best David Haye, but it’s not going to be there for very long. When it runs out, the big fat scouser will come through you like a steam train.”