Round Rock 8, New Orleans 5 (bottom of the 7th)

There’s live blogging from the Super Bowl. There’s live blogging from the World Cup. There’s even (I suppose) live blogging from the NBDL Draft. But I am fairly confident I am the only person “live blogging” approximately 20 feet behind Joe McEwing as he attempts to move Hector Gimenez into scoring position.

Much as I’d love to link to’s Gameday coverage of this contest, apparently it escaped the notice of the usually amazing and dilligent folks at MLB Advanced Media that the Express and Zephyrs would be making up April 20th’s suspended contest at 5pm today.

It also escaped the notice of most Round Rock season ticket holders, but hey, maybe they had tickets for “Nacho Libre” or something.

It is truly awesome there is a Wikipedia entry for New Orleans catcher Wiki Gonzalez.

There’s a 7 inning nightcap meant to follow 30 minutes after the end of this game, but I might be long gone. They can’t start the celebration of Paul McCartney’s 64th Birthday without me, apparently.