Heat 101, Mavericks 100 (OT)

(this looks awfully familiar)

Or as Johnson might’ve said to Josh Howard in the locker room, “do as I mean, not as I signal.”  There’s no better way to distract from yet another sick showing by Dwyane Wade than to analyse Dallas’ communication breakdown in the final seconds of overtime.  The Dallas Morning News’ Eddie Sefko caught an earful from Johnson during the postgame press conference, and if Eddie’s job wasn’t totally dependent on maintaining some rapport with the coach, he might well have replied, “hey, it isn’t my fault you didn’t make it clear to Josh Howard when you wanted a T.O.”

Chris Webber , however, isn’t off the hook. This was only the 3rd biggest Time Out-related blunder in recent memory.  Chris X. Brodeur’s open letters to Mike Wolf are a close 2nd