“Both the beauty and cruelty of the web is that it never forgets” observes  Ian Plenderleith in the March edition of When Saturday Comes, taking a long look at a bloggy phenomena Awful Announcing readers will no doubt appreciate — the dogged, somewhat obsessive abuse of TV soccer commentators.

Fisted Away dons the persona of Alan Green to describe how he witnessed a tentative young couple take their first kiss. “What are you trying to do, thinking you can kiss at this level!” he exclaims. “I’m not negative about many things; just the paucity of Anfield’s vending machine crips selection (I have written several letters) and the warmth of the sun.” There’s nothing original about slating Green, according to a piece on Two Hundred Percent, “but that’s no reason to shy away from the task”. It points out that : “In a highly competitive media environment…which is currently subject to stultifying budgetary limitations, the continued employment of someone as self-centred and incompetent as (Green) feels less and less tenable. This needs reiterating…as often as possible.”