At the risk of making light of another tragedy waiting to happen, when does Amensty International investigate George O’Leary’s resume UCF football program? From the Orlando Sentinel’s Iliana Limón :

UCF running back Brandon Davis (above) is suffering from acute kidney failure after he collapsed during an offseason conditioning workout, his mother told the Orlando Sentinel in an exclusive interview Sunday night.

Donna Davis said her son remained in guarded condition at Florida Hospital East, four days after he collapsed in the school’s weight room Wednesday morning.

“They’re still monitoring his heart, and now they’re monitoring his liver as well,” Donna Davis said. “He is being tested extensively. They’ve called in two more specialists. His condition is still very serious.”

Davis said her son struggled during the workout Wednesday, described by UCF officials as a weightlifting session. Davis said her son is conscious and was able to talk about the conditioning drills.

“We were told [by her son] the workouts were very strenuous, and when he passed out, he was rushed to the hospital,” she said. “And when he came to at the hospital, he was suffering from acute kidney failure. At the time, his heart also was in distress.

“He had no water in his body due to lack of breaks [in the workout] and not being given any water and fluids. This is what my son has told me, and this is what the doctors have also stated is the cause of his injuries.”

Davis said the family was upset by what it perceived as UCF’s suggestion his condition was not severe. “All of this happened Wednesday morning and he was not admitted until Wednesday afternoon,” she said. “At 7o’clock the next morning, they told us there was no way he was being released because he had an abnormal EKG and he was suffering from kidney failure.”