Lest anyone believe last September’s press conference meltdown would usher in a kinder, gentler era of self-expression from Newcastle United (interim?) manager Joe Kinnear, think again.  Booted from the Saturday’s proceedings by referee Mike Riley, and denied the chance to hear the final whistle after Newcastle blew a 2-0 lead at home to Stoke, Kinnear is facing disciplinary action writes the Guardian’s Louise Taylor.

When Riley’s report of the incident landed on their desks, FA officials swiftly charged the 61-year-old with using abusive and insulting words towards an official. Kinnear certainly seems to be doing his level best to trash the FA’s respect agenda. This is his second charge since succeeding Kevin Keegan in September when he was forced to serve the outstanding two matches of a ban imposed four years ago during his time at Nottingham Forest.

In 2004 he called a referee “Coco the Clown” but last month he was charged with improper conduct after dubbing Martin Atkinson a “mickey mouse referee” following Newcastle’s 2“1 defeat at Fulham in November. Kinnear has until Friday to respond to the FA about that transgression and until December 23 to admit to, deny or request a personal hearing.

He can  expect to receive a stern warning and be subjected to additional sanctions. Newcastle’s manager was forced to send the FA a formal written apology in the wake of his expletive-filled rant at journalists in September. Kinnear has also failed to attend his last two post-match media conferences. Concerned about his conduct, the FA are involved in an on-going dialogue with Newcastle.