Every now and then, one mere sentence can impart the likelihood that a company is about to lose a very large amount of money, if not suffer great humiliation, without such sentiments ever being fully expressed by the author.  In today’s New York Times, Lorne Manly reports that Microsoft is preparing original video content for the web.

The one-year, multimillion-dollar deal calls for the creation of 10 Web pilots for MSN, each tailored to one or more strengths of the Web. Four shows have already been given the go-ahead, including a short-form comedy that can be described, in classic high-concept Hollywood style, as “The Office” meets “Reno 911” meets “Airplane,” doled out in two-and-a-half minute bits starting this fall. Adding to the sitcom verisimilitude: Tom Arnold is close to signing on to star as the lovably flawed pilot for a commuter airline.