(Editor’s Note : A panel of exactly one extremely stressed-out person was convened to compile the list shown below ; CSTB’s former contributors are either working on their award-winning podcasts or raising funds for their respective 2020 political campaigns, so they really can’t be bothered. Or I can’t be bothered to chase them up, same result.

As in past years, projects from labels that either pay the CSTB bandwidth bill or directly contribute to the thorough neglect of CSTB are ineligible. A version of this list was previously published somewhere that generates real traffic ; If you’re seeing it for the second time, good thing you have nowhere to go and nothing to do – GC)

Saint Abdullah – In God’s Image (Psychic Liberation)
Amani + King Vision Ultra – An Unknown Infinite (PTP)
No Home – Fucking Hell (d/l bandcamp)
Chronophage – Th’ Pig Kissed (Cleta Patra)
Felicia Atkinson – Everything Evaporate (Shelter Press)

Still House Plants – Fast Edit (Bison / Blank Forms)
Model Home – One Year (Disciples)

Sofehso – A Record (First Terrace)
Claire Rousay – Both (Second Editions)
Soft Shoulder – Contextual Depreciation (Gilgongo)

Dr. Pete Larsen and His Cytoxic Nyatti Band – s/t (Dagoretti)
Dean Roberts – Not Fire (Erstwhile)
Armand Hammer – Shrines (Backwoodz Studioz)
Triple Negative – God Bless The Death Drive (Penultimate Press)
Mint Mile – Ambertron (Comedy Minus One)

NE$$ x Baby J – 21st Century Blues
Obnox – Savage Raygun (ever/never)
David Nance – Staunch Honey (Trouble In Mind)
Sumac – May You Be Held (Thrill Jockey)
Uniform – Shame (Sacred Bones)
Duma – s/t (Nyege Nyege Tapes)
Powers / Rolin Duo – s/t (Feeding Tube)
Will Johnson – El Capitan (Keeled Scales)
Horse Lords – The Common Task (Northern Spy)
A Burning Bus (In The Red)
Dan Melchior – Embankment To The End Of The Line (Gertrude Tapes)
FACS – Void Moments (Trouble In Mind)
E- Complications (Silver Rocket)
Jon Collin – Water And Rock Music, Volumes 3-4 (Feeding Tube/Early Music)
Richard Rose – Radiation Breeze (In The Red)
Ono – Red Summer (American Dreams)
Lamps – People With Faces (In The Red)
Magik Markers – 2020 (Drag City)

Astute Palate – s/t (Petty Bunco)
Barry Walker  Jr. – Shoulda Zenith (Holy Moutain)

Reissues / vault-y bits :
Black Unity Trio – Al – Fatihah (Gotta Groove)
Dadamah – This Is Not A Dream (Grapefruit)
Ela Orleans – Lost (La Station Radar)
Phew – Vertical Jamming (Disciples)
United Mutation – Dark Self Image (Radio Raheem)