Cardinals QB Kurt Warner had a brief encounter with President Barack Obama Wednesday when the Commander In Chief had a stopover in Phoenix (Air Force One can’t fly direct to Tempe?). Though there was some light hoops chat and a moment that must’ve scared the Secret Service half to death (ie. Kurt introducing Obama to Brenda), the Arizona Republic’s Scott Wong reports “the discussion turned somewhat serious when Warner asked Obama how he could pray for him.”

According to Warner, Obama said Warner “could pray for his (the president’s) family because of the situation and how difficult it is, and ‘pray that I get it right.’

“It was cool,” Warner said. “It gave me an opportunity to have some personal prayers go out to him and I’m excited about that.”

Warner said he also hopes the meeting will help convert Obama into a Cardinals fan.

“I know he was cheering for Pittsburgh last year, so hopefully through our meeting here, he’ll become a Cardinals fan and cheer for us,” Warner said. “Maybe we’ll get him on our side.”