Portugal 0, France 1 (f.t.)

(Zizou celebrates further evidence of his not-totally-washed-up status)

Right about now, I think it would be a terrific time for any available mini-cam crews to cutaway for a live remote from Nicholas Anelka’s house.  A little post-match review, perhaps, maybe we can hear Nic’s 1-10 grades for the French team, that sort of thing.

Though I had no rooting interest to speak of in the 2nd of the WC semi-finals, I must confess in the waning moments I was hoping to see Ricardo Pereira pull a Jimmy Glass, though no such opportunity presented itself.  Had he pulled a Stephen Glass, however, I think we’d all agree there’s no place for that kind of unethical journalism on the football pitch.

Cristiano Ronaldo was booed virtually every time he touched the ball.  My first reaction : who knew Wayne Rooney had such an international fan base?  Reaction no. 2 : many of those in attendance are sitting very far away and it looks like “Rodriguez” on the back of his jersey.

The Guardian blog coverage of today’s match was let down only by their readers’ unfortunate confusion of Manowar with Thor.  Amazing how often that happens during major sporting events.

Other observations from persons whose eyeballs might not hurt nearly as much as mine :

Scolari squared up to the referee in the aftermath and earns himself an inevitable fine, but it’ll be the least of his worries. Instead he needs to address how his players didn’t create any real clear-cut chance in 90 minutes and surrendered fairly tamely at the end.Howard Swains, The Times.

In order to be on Univision are you required to be either a stunningly beautiful woman or an overweight comic man?Victor Mather, New York Times

As usual, Portugal will feel its defeat like a deep injustice. The impression which this semi-final was perhaps going to be confined of a technical and unslung meeting is closed with on two duels Caravalho – Zidane, then Vieira – Deco which definitively dirtied the debates and contracted the atmosphere. Cédric Rouquette, L’Equipe.