“He may not be able to predict the weather or guess lottery numbers, but when it comes to football Joe Braun knows what the future holds” writes the Racine Journal’s Lindsay Flori of a local schmoe whose claim to fame is having purchased a NY Jets Brett Favre jersey some 6 years ago (link courtesy Brooklyn Mutt).

Braun bought the jersey from the JC Penney store at Regency Mall, 5538 Durand Ave. It was a Christmas present for his wife, Jeannette, 54.

œI picked it up, wrapped it and never even noticed, Joe said. œShe opened it on Christmas morning. She put it on and our son noticed it was wrong.

The jersey had Favre™s name and number, but was the wrong green and had the wrong logo on the sleeve.

œMy son said we should keep it, that it might be worth something someday, Joe said.

The Brauns held on to the jersey, but not as a keepsake. Jeannette wore it for Green Bay Packers games, even at Lambeau Field.

œWe have season tickets, Jeannette said. œWe go to about three games a year, and no one ever even mentioned it.

But Jeannette won™t be wearing it to Lambeau this year, she said, because people might notice now and get upset.