…to see which closer can suck like crazy more, Todd Coffey or Ambiorix Burgos.

Would you have wagered a week ago that A.J. Burnett would prove to be a more valuable mid-season addition than Roger Clemens? Granted, Burnett isn’t being paid like a mid-season addition (then again, neither is the Rocket).

No Surprise Dept. : Pittsburgh, losers of 12 straight, are doing their best to out-lousy the Cubs in the race to determine the NL Central’s Worst.

A Real Surprise : After pounding Scott Kazmir tonight, The Fish are only a half game behind the Phillies.

Despite my increased senility, I am aware, by the way, that the Brewers/Cubs game (tied at 4 in the bottom of the 8th), is not, in fact, an interleague encounter. But I am wondering who ought to be more embarassed, Zach Jackson for serving up a two run homer to Carlos Zambrano, or the Oklahoma duo of Lee and Bukvich for allowing Round Rock’s Alan Zinter to homer from both sides of the plate last night. It’s 2006, gentlemen. Matt Stairs. Alan Zinter. Pull yourselves together!