Even by Mushnick-standards of Being Easily Outraged, Newsday’s William Murphy is really pushing it if he thinks anyone gives a hoot about a retired Selden, NY firefighter’s rejected attempt to purchase 100 tickets for the Mets’ opening day because—– can you believe it? —- the game is sold out.

“It’s not about the fans anymore. It’s about the money,” William Dennis said of the suddenly popular team.

Wow. That really oughta send a chill down the collective spine of the Mets’ P.R. department. Perhaps the Wilpons can establish a fan-friendly policy of holding huge blocks of seats to every game on the off-chance other retired firefighters might want to take a large group to the game?

Of course, nothing ensures plenty of empty seats like losing 90 or more games. Dennis should be pleased to know that P Steve Trachsel underwent an MRI and further X-rays Sunday and Monday after experiencing lower back pain.