My old employer has published a lengthy profile of semi-furloughed Hall of Fame baseball writer Hal McCoy. Former New York Observer/Sports Illustrated scribe Sridhar Pappu touches heavily on issues like the death of newspapers, the decline of the Reds’ regional appeal (which has traditionally included parts of Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky), Pete Rose and the “obstinate babble” of sports blogs and Twitter.

So I guess if we’re tossing around blogosphere cliches, I’ll highlight the part where Joe Morgan is a dick (even when he’s holding one):

According to McCoy, he and Joe Morgan have not spoken since 1979, when he wrote that the Big Red Machine™s era was over and Morgan was no longer needed. Since then the two have been alone in elevators, stood next to each other at the urinal, and played doubles tennis against one another without ever speaking a word. When McCoy received the Spink Award during the induction ceremony at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2002, he says Morgan said hello to his entire family but brushed by him when Hal stuck out his hand. (Morgan, who now works as an analyst for Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN, still refuses to speak about McCoy. But he insists, œI did congratulate him [at] the Hall of Fame.)