Hey, let the Phillies go for broke going after Roy Oswalt ; with Chad Cordero to shore up the Mets’ bullpen, it won’t be long before we’re all getting ready for football season preparing to purchase playoff tickets. And don’t let a 1-5 start to the West Coast trip fill you with despair, Mets fans, not when veteran leadership is supplied from a figure as well respected as David Wright Johan Santana Carlos Beltran Alex Cora. The New York Post’s Mike Puma provides the inspirational details :

The veteran utilityman, miffed by the laughter inside the Mets’ clubhouse after last night’s 3-2 loss to the Diamondbacks, fired venom in the direction of Mike Pelfrey and reporters who were joking at the pitcher’s locker.

Cora spouted an expletive in Spanish and raised his voice in the direction of Pelfrey and reporters as he departed the clubhouse at Chase Field.

“A little respect, please!” Cora snapped. “They stuck it up our [butts].”

Jason Bay was not in the room at the time of the outburst, but later heard about it

“We need something,” Bay said. “You know what I mean?”

Oh yeah, we all know what you mean. We need a time machine that would enable the Mets to have signed Vlad Guerrero instead of Jason Bay. Sadly, Steve Keane of the Eddie Kranepool Society isn’t nearly as blown away by Cora’s bold stance as Jason or myself.

What™s missing in the story was why Big Pelf was laughing and what kind of laugh it was. Was is a smirk/chuckle (a Big Pelf trademark) explaining why he went with a ˜buzz cut to try and change his luck? Or was a laugh over a joking about Jeff Francoeur commiserating at his locker on why Jerry Manuel has fallen out of love with him? Or was a piss your pants gut buster over seeing Oliver Perez™ pay stub? Until I find out which one of these Big Pelf is guilty of, I will reserve judgment on him. As for Cora, as much as there is sometimes ˜false hustle on the field there is also œfalse leadership off it and maybe Alex Cora is guilty of the latter.