…but 3 cheers for the Los Angeles Dodgers relievers. Y’know what the 7 Line Army has in common with a real army? Both are guilty of atrocities. In the case of the former, these would be aesthetic atrocities the sort of garish, cretin-designed goods of which only the most sartorially challenged would willingly don. Can you imagine the sort of slow-witted verbal abuse the Dodgers were subjected to the past two evenings at Citi Field? From fans who’ve advocated the electric chair for one of their teammates?

Once upon a time, David Cone was accused of whipping it out in the Mets bullpen, and were he to show up at one of the 7 Line’s beer bashes at Sudsy McFucknuts, chances are he’d be greeted like a conquering hero. So what if the visiting Dodgers told the orange-covered yahoos “boo fucking hoo” or “suck on this” or anything else out of the Oscar Wilde book of quotations? If a Met player said it, you’d put it on a $55 hoodie with one of the lamest fonts ever created.