From the San Antonion Express News’ Tom Orsborn.

A lucrative television contract tops the conditions that would persuade the Florida Marlins to seek permission from Major League Baseball to move to San Antonio, a high-ranking team official said Sunday.

For the first time since preliminary talks about a possible Marlins’ move to San Antonio began in December, team President David Samson spelled out many details that would have to be met for the club to agree to relocation.

“(Stadium) naming rights, suite deals, season-ticket sales, corporate support ” without all of that there is no franchise,” Samson said. “But TV revenue is the engine that keeps the train rolling.”

Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, who is spearheading local efforts to lure the Marlins, has received 36 nonbinding commitments from area businesses and individuals to rent suites at a cost of $100,000-$200,000 a season. A proposed stadium for the Marlins in Bexar County would include 69 suites.

“I’m not trying to say suites aren’t important, because that is very high on the list,” Samson said. “But all those suites put together don’t add up to what can be generated through broadcasting.”

I can’t think of a more pleasant story for the Marlins several dozen remaining season ticket holders to read on opening day.