From the terminally unfunny “sports” website that you’re all too well aware of :

We are hoping that the emergence of Astros youngster Chris Burke in this postseason brings us one step close to the holy grail: œLife Goes On being released on DVD. Honestly, like you wouldn™t have viewing parties.

Since a few of CSTB’s readers have actually done something with their lives other than watch crap television, I’ll explain the above item for you.

Chris Burke is the name of the Houston Astros’ second baseman, currently having a terrific postseason in this, only his 2nd year in the big leagues.

Chris Burke also shares a name with the actor who played the part of Corky Thatcher on the ABC drama “Life Goes On”. Both Burke (above) and the character he played were born with Downs Syndrome.

“Life Goes On” wasn’t a particularly good show, though Burke was no more or less annoying than any number of other persons on network TV who weren’t born with Downs Syndrome. In the face of life’s challenges, Burke has managed to fashion an acting / music career of sorts, one that compares pretty favorably to that of an unsuccesful novelist/ incompetent website editor.

I’m happy I was able to straighten that one out for you. Other than that, it’s been another tremendous 9-5 over at the unsuccessful marriage of The Sports Frog and Items Marked “Spy Magazine Kill Fee”. Apparently, there’s a White Supremacist sports site on the internet (attention readers, racists are very, very bad people. But it’s ok to laugh at Down’s Syndrome) and it’s a good thing LeBron got out of the hospital today because “if James had been out for too long, this NBA season was in serious danger of sucking before it even started.” You might find some fans in San Antonio, Detroit or Miami that would beg to differ.