From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Paul McEnroe and Pat Doyle.

(Charter company lawyer Stephen) Doyle said not all of the players on the list have been accused by crew members of lewd behavior. He said some crew members told of players protecting others on the crew and apologizing for the behavior of teammates. However, other players tried to turn off the lights on one of the boats or persuade crew members to perform in a sexual manner, he said.

Some crew members came forward about three days after the cruise to report their accusations to authorities.

Doyle said several factors explained the delay. After the boats returned to dock and guests departed, the crew had to clean the boat, he said, finding “used rubbers, K-Y Jelly, Handi Wipes, wrappers for sex toys – it was just incredible how it was left.”

“Never in the history of this group of people have they ever had anything like this,” Doyle said. He said they didn’t know if a crime had been committed or whether they were expected to tolerate the players’ behavior. “These are very powerful and rich people, intimidating in size,” he said.

I’ve watched every episode of “Playmakers” at least twice, and I don’t remember any action taking place on a boat.