HAAM, aka the Health Alliance For Austin Musicians provides low-cost primary health care services, basic dental care and mental health counseling for eligible, uninsured professional musicians in the Austin area. Though the organization raised an impressive sum with their annual HAAM Benefit Day this past September 21, a few of us decided to try and raise just a little bit more. It’s a good excuse for a Thanksgiving weekend show we’d want to attend under any circumstances, good cause or not.

This show will feature the first Hex Dispensers performance since the addition of Rebecca Whitley (ex-Alright Tonight) to the band.  It’s also the unofficial tour kick off for The Young, who will be heading to the East Coast in support of their new Mexican Summer album, ‘Voyagers Of Legend’ soon afterwards.    It’s Cruddy‘s first local show since their West Coast tour, and while we don’t know who will be singing for the The Shitty Beach Boys on this occasion, we hope you’ll join us in praying it isn’t Mike Love.   Eric Static from Followed By Static will be kicking things off at around 10pm.

If you’d like to apply for HAAM coverage, here’s where you can do so. If you can’t make it to Beerland on Saturday night, HAAM is accepting donations.