At one time one of the nation’s 40 or so most popular sports blogs, Can’t Stop The Bleeding celebrates 9 years of cutting, pasting and quoting out context (along with dramatic downturns in traffic & advertising revenues), with a 4th annual, not-at-all-affiilated with SXSW free event. Past participants have included such superstars as the Homosexuals, the Muffs, TV Ghost, Endless Boogie, Wiccans, Wounded Lion, The Young and many others who used this particular event as a launching pad….to play additional shows no one paid them to play.

At the risk of sounding more arrogant than usual, this year’s lineup (running order possibly determined by coin toss) might be the strongest yet.

Apache Dropout (Bloomington, IN)
Puffy Areolas (Toledo, OH)
G.Green (Sacramento, CA)
Mannequin Men (Chicago, IL)
Cruddy (Austin, TX)
Bare Wires (Oakland, CA)
Unholy Two (Columbus, OH)
Obnox (Cleveland, OH)

As usual, this event is not sponsored by any purveyors of healthy drinks, unhealthy drinks, dot coms that actually pay taxes or action-wear suppliers. If someone would like to kick in for the gear hire, the socialist tone of this introduction goes straight into the paper shredder.

Because one amazing free show in the middle of rock biz-convention-week isn’t nearly enough to satiate the Austin area’s half dozen CSTB readers or their fucking freeloading brethren, here’s another.

We’d like to thank the ownership and staff (shown above) of Austin’s premier showplace, Trailer Space for allowing the use of their premises.  Memphis’ Sex Cult have recently changed their name to Ex-Cult due to one of those disputes with someone who can’t handle being in an inferior band over intellectual property. This bill will also feature a midnight performance by special surprises guests who we cannot identity. So please don’t tell anyone Death Of Samantha are playing.