Are about the same as his thoughts on VORP, which is to say, he has none.

During an online chat today, the Washington Post writer – I’d call him the “baseball writer,” but he long ago became a general sports columnist, and the header on “Ask Boswell” plugs the “Redskins, Nats, Orioles and more” – got thrown for a real loop by somebody who cared enough to ask about the so-called hottest sports team in D.C. – the Capitals, currently facing off against the Boston Bruins on a channel that I don’t receive.

Iceplex: Opening night up in Boston. Think Theo can pull a consistent season out of his … hat.

(Not the GM of the Boston Red Sox)

Tom Boswell: The regular season as been a dud. I think the post-season will be excellent. These are really entertaining teams with lots of glamor. Of course, part of the reason is that this has not been a good year for parity. A lot of rich teams have come through the draw.

You can get me to watch the Yanks, Dodgers, Red Sox, Phils, Angels or Cards any day. I’d put their chances of reaching the Series in that order __and any of them could do it. Hope the Tigers hang on for detroit and Illich’s sake. The Rox have wonderful fundamentals and strong arms. But they had their WS, didn’t they?

But to answer your question, Boston has recently gotten excited at the way their pitching has gotten back to health and Ortiz supposedly done and dsicredited is one of the top A.L. HR hitters in the second half. They’re baaaack.

(Via @emcerlain and Japers’ Rink.)