And conveniently enough, even Scott Templeton would be hard pressed to invent a tale of kids hoping to gatecrash Baltimore’s come from behind win over Tampa last night. As noted by David Pinto, the announced attendance for said contest was a dreadful 10,505, the lowest in Camden Yards history.

I’m well aware the Orioles have sucked for ages, just as I recognize the tickets aren’t cheap, and an early April night game against the former Devil Rays might be a tough sell in many towns. But there are teams in the International League who could do better. Heck, most MLS games have more witnesses.

Since insulting the city hasn’t worked out too well, it might be time for Peter Angelos to make a move that is long overdue, if not totally obvious. Nope, not selling the ballclub, but rather, appoint this qualified man as the O’s new head of season ticket sales. If he’s working door to door, who amongst us would refuse to purchase at the very least a mini-plan?