Today marks the 3rd day of the University Of Southern California’s hearings with the NCAA regarding alleged misconduct on the part of their football and basketball programs, and while current gridiron guru Lane Kiffin and former Men’s Hoops head coach Tim Floyd (above) are unlikely to face disciplinary action (the former having just arrived on the scene), their presence is described by former NCAA committee chairman Tom Yeager (quoted by the LA Times’ Gary Klein) as something akin to  “a ‘Scared Straight’ program”.  Or, if you prefer, what’s Ted Miller calls something far closer to being bored to death.

After an early start, 7:30 a.m. local time, USC and the NCAA infractions committee took Day 3’s second break just before 11 a.m., with a dour looking Tim Floyd, the Trojans former basketball coach, ambling outside and into the rain for an animated whisper conversation with one of his lawyers, Jim Darnell.

It’s likely many of these people will have endured perhaps 30 hours of detailed and sometimes ponderous discussion before heading home.

Kiffin asked reporters for an update on the day’s sports news. The conversation briefly turned to Tiger Woods before he had to return to meetings. The hearing could last well into the evening as the infractions committee tries to cover all aspects of the alleged violations before heading back to Indianapolis.

On average, most reports are completed within six to 10 weeks of the infractions hearing. But that time frame could extend longer for a complicated case.

Probably fair to say this is a complicated case.