With the sudden resignation of Don Nelson as head coach of the Golden State Warriors over the weekend, Tim Kawakami was denied a favored subject/target for the upcoming NBA season.  Undaunted, the San Jose Mercury News columnist can focus full attention on the 0-3 San Francisco 49’ers, whose 31-10 loss to the Chiefs on Sunday provoked the firing of oft-castigated offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye, he of the allegedly ungodly delay relaying plays to QB Alex Smith. “If he cannot snap himself and his team immediately out of this, then Sept. 26, 2010, probably was the beginning of the end for his fascinating 49ers tenure,” declares Kawakami, who might run out of professional coaches to fire before December if Tom Cable treats Sebastian Janikowski the way he might a mouthy spouse and/or non-deferential assistant.

It’s fair to ask: In a league dominated by master strategists, have the 49ers gone as far as they can go with a coach who disdains intricate strategy and who hired Jimmy Raye as his offensive coordinator?

This is a team with talent — at least as much as the Chiefs, and probably more. This team is very motivated. And yet, the 49ers are on the brink, already in September, and the Chiefs are 3-0.

Now they have to go to Atlanta next Sunday, which is a direct line to 0-4. Then a home game against red-hot Philadelphia, which could mean 0-5. Can Singletary turn around the ship that swiftly?

“Once we look at the film, we will,” Singletary said. “We’ll do what we have to do to get it right.”

That’s what he said. He has said similar things in the past. But this time, Singletary didn’t sound at all too sure — of the result, or of himself. And if he’s not sure of himself, then I don’t know who else could be.