Leave it to Terrell Owens to overshadow Jerry Jones fucking over a fellow NFL owner ; the Dallas Morning News’ Albert Breer on T.O.’s a bold statements directed at….a retired player.

on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown this week, former Cowboys (and Jets and Bucs) WR Keyshawn Johnson said he feels like the Tuna deserves credit for building this team that’s 12-1.

And that, added to what Key said earlier in the year, was enough to prompt Terrell Owens to let loose in the afternoon today.

“I™m probably the main reason he™s in the booth right now,” Owens said, referencing the fact that his signing led to Johnson’s Dallas ouster. “It™s uncharacteristic of him, but it doesn™t surprise me. For me, if he™s gonna be hater and throw me under the bus, (it™s) because he and Bill are real good friends. Nobody would even know he won the Super Bowl unless you checked the roster.

“My thing is, we came out the same year. He was a first-rounder, I was a third rounder. I™m still playing, he™s not. You compare our stats up until the time he retired, it™s a no-brainer. I™d challenge him to come out and try to make this team. He™d be a third or fourth receiver at this point. He can hate all he wants to. Compare the stats, they don™t lie.

“Here™s a guy, writes the book, ˜Give Me the Damn Ball,™ and he has 106 catches and one touchdown, and that was off a tipped pass. I™ll never do that in my career. He can hate all he wants to.”