Nate Robertson was unhittable yesterday against the Reds, a Tigers victory saved by sexual libertine Todd Jones.

Jones, already acknowledged as CSTB’s primary journalistic inspiration, and on record as having strong views regarding men-with-men, seems to be coming around on that point. From the Detroit Free Press’ John Paul Morosi.

After he passed Mike Henneman as Detroit’s foremost fireman, his teammates surrounded him and displayed an uncommon enthusiasm as they congratulated him — evidence of the impact that Jones, the player, and Jones, the person, have made on the team.

“To me, that’s the ultimate compliment — when teammates express their joy,” catcher Vance Wilson said. “He loves the game. He loves to compete. He loves his teammates. You watch him with guys he played with five years ago — there’s big hugs.

“He’s an emotional guy. He cares a lot about this game. That’s a special feeling, to hold that down. It takes a long time to do that.”