Not only is Will Leitch the only adult in America that admits to watching “Cold Pizza”, but he’s also the sole reader of USA Today’s Sports Weekly. At least that’s the conclusion I’ve come to after watching the net totally flip out over the following :

*-Leitch spies an item in Sports Weekly that claims an unidentified AL outfielder who took part in the postseason, recently tested positive for steroids and continued playing while the appeals process played out.

* – Mr. Irrelevant (incredibly, not a psuedonym for Will), David Pinto and the bane of all talk radio, AOL’s Sports Bloggers Live pick up the hot potato and run with it. Followed by further guessing games at Baseball Think Factory.

To which I can only advise, calm down for a minute. Any untalented, cowardly putz with a computer can repeat an unsubstantiated rumor and unfairly subject innocent public figures to crazy speculation.

Now might be the time, however, for Bubba Crosby (above) to step forward and take one for the team.