(at least he can still intimidate the skins)

Great news for Randy Johnson, ladies and gentlemen. His best pal in the whole entire world, Curt Schilling, has tremendous empathy for the the Unit. From the Boston Herald’s Karen Guregian.

œIt™s hard because I™ve been there, Schilling said when asked about Johnson prior to last night™s 11-1 win over Baltimore. œKnowing him, I can see the body language. I can see the demeanor. I know what a struggle it is. I know it™s tough. He™s going through this hard. It™s one of those situations where everybody™s trying to give you advice. Everybody™s trying to pick you up.”

œBut until you make the turn mentally yourself, none of it matters because it™s all about confidence.

There are those who feel age has caught up with the 42-year-old southpaw.

œI look at his stuff, I look at the demeanor, to me, it all emanates from the psychological point of the game. He™s struggling with his confidence. I know it™s hard for people to relate, especially for a guy like that, Schilling said. œYou look at his resume, and you think, ˜How can he not be confident?™ We don™t live on our resumes. We think about the game we just pitched. It™s a hard thing to explain. And it™s different for everybody. Bottom line, it comes down to confidence. We™re human. This will go on as long as he allows it to go on. Until he decides he™s going to make the mental changes.