(if Baron Davis can leave town, why not this guy?)

“The whole singular name thing is shaky. Magic, Jazz, Heat. A little too much World Football League for me,” writes the Oklahoman’s Barry Tramel of reports the former Seattle Sonics will begin play in 2008 as the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Not in the Premier Basketball League mind you, but the NBA.

Half the fans will like it from the get-go ” don’t forget, Thunder won The Oklahoman’s 64-name bracket in the spring, as voted by readers ” and the other half will embrace it soon enough.

Most cities do. Can you name a fan base that despises its name, with the possible exception of Tampa Bay’s Rays?

Most fans will be like my niece, who when first told of Thunder said, “Well, it’s better than YardDawgz, but who an hour later was gushing.

Thunder is not indigenous to Oklahoma. Everyone has thunder, except maybe San Diego. I can personally attest to thunder rolling through Crested Butte in the last couple of days.

Something uniquely Oklahoman would have been cool.

Fair enough, though I should point out the name Meth Teeth has already been taken, nor is it it a uniquely Oklahoman phenomena.