Earlier this week, NASCAR driver Travis Kvapil (above) was arrested on charges of spousal abuse. Showing the sort of common sense not exhibited since the Phillies’ handling of Brett Myers, Kvapil’s sponsor, BK Racing, has no plans to take sideline him citing Kvapil’s “ability to set aside the issues and focus.” In the view of the Times-Union’s Chuck Miller, Burger King has made a DOUBLE WHOPPER WITH CHEESE grave error.

According to the Sporting News, a 911 call was made from the Kvapil house. Police were called. According to the police records, Kvapil pulled his wife Jennifer into the bedroom by her hair, and struck her as she tried to escape. The report also says that Kvapil used his hands and his feet to hit and kick his wife.

And BK Racing has decided to let Kvapil drive this weekend at NASCAR’s next Sprint Cup race.

I’m just making sure I have all this straight and true. Travis Kvapil hits his wife, gets arrested for it, and gets to drive his Sprint Cup car like it’s nothing out of the ordinary?

And as far as I’m concerned, I recommend that if you’re as outraged as I am over this, then you should boycott BK Racing’s sponsors, including Burger King, Dr. Pepper, Toyota, Sherwin-Williams paint, and Lincoln Welders. Send a letter to BK Racing at their corporate headquarters, 260 Aviation Drive, Statesville, North Carolina 28677, and let them know how disappointed and upset you are with this decision.

This is the worst possible decision BK Racing could have made. They should have parked Kvapil for the remainder of the season and called someone from the Toyota family of drivers to replace him in the ride. It’s not like Kvapil is in the hunt for the Sprint Cup championship.