…that do not feature the talents of Steve “Boogie” Brown.

I’d not previously heard Albert Brown’s “Vida Blue”, but thanks to Withdrawn Radio, your own musical education can take a giant step forward.

A couple of thoughts while flipping channels this evening :

1) Very considerate of Philadelphia management to sell tickets to a few thousand Phillies fans tonight while reserving much of CBP for the Mets’ travelling contingent / southern Jersey acolytes. Or at least that’s how it sounded when Carlos Delgaldo hit a 2-run HR in the top of the 9th to tie the score at 4-4.

(UPDATE : Some curiously unfriendly hometown scoring costs Bobby Abreu a 15 foot RBI single, but not the game-winning run, as Aaron Heilman threw Abreu’s two-out, bases-loaded tapper away. Phillies win, 5-4, their 9th consecutive victory. Time to see if I can cease production of those 40,000 commemorative “2006 NL EAST CHAMPIONS” watering cans without losing my deposit.)

2) Red Sox 11, Yankees 3 (top of the 7th). The New York Post’s Mike Vacarro advocated dusting off David Ortiz earlier today, though perhaps he could’ve proposed something a tad less violent. Like say, additional fielding practice for A-Rod and Melky Cabrera. If there was a guarantee of a post-game chit-chat with the Unit on YES, I’d gladly pass on the Spurs/Mavs game.