Though The Starting Five’s dwil reserves most of his Sunday critique for Page 2’s Jemele Hill and her remarks on “Outside The Lines”, he wasn’t exactly enarmored with the rest of the Sunday chat lineup, either.

Howard Bryant (above), he of a brutally uninformed and factually-challenged book on steroids and baseball and Barry Bonds, said he didn™t know if this dog fighting thing was œracial, regional, or what.

I wonder what the white people in Wyoming and Idaho are thinking about Bryant and his cohort Mike Lupica, who wholly agreed with Bryant, today. I wonder if they™re laughing all the way to the ”””“ dog fighting pit. And I wonder why PETA and the Humane Society aren™t in those states protesting en masse the law that makes dog fighting a misdemeanor instead of a felony in those states¦. hmmmm.

It’s a pretty good question. But if I’m DMX, I’m wondering where I’m gonna find any decent Indian food in Wyoming or Idaho.