Observing the furor over Brett Favre’s attempted Sean Salisbury Tribute Act, NBC.com’s Jelisa Castrodale (above) argues the object of Favre’s alleged affections, Jenn Sterger, “didn™t deserve some of the names she™s been called in the press…you know, things like ‘reporter’ or ‘journalist’ or ‘sportswriter.'”

Because of Sterger™s mach-something rise to celebrity, she sometimes approaches her career with a sense of entitlement. She has it but hasn™t earned it, like Tommy Callahan swapping college for an executive spot at Callahan Auto Parts. œPeople compare me and say, well, she™s no Erin Andrews, Sterger once said on The Killer B’s ESPN (Tampa) radio show. œI™m like, well, who™s No. 1 on the computer? Suck it.

No one compares Sterger to Andrews, not unless they were making a list of women who may have pulled a high heel out of the soft sideline grass. Or maybe they just named women, or people with a pair of working corneas or carbon-based life forms. Andrews was a telecommunications major at the University of Florida who started with FSN Florida and the Sunshine Network, spending several years earning the ESPN logo on her microphone; Sterger’s most sincere attempt at professionalism was having her implants removed.

What exactly does any of this have to do with the accusations against one of the NFL’s most iconic figures?  That Sterger isn’t gonna be confused with Jeremy Schapp anytime soon may or may not harm the cause of legit female journalists, but it has no bearing on workplace harassment in East Rutherford, NJ.  To date, there’s been no hint that Sterger used this incident to try and boost her own career  ; if Castrodale would prefer to live in a society where only a certain type of woman is protected from receiving unsolicited cock pics on the job, she’s got far bigger issues than the mere professional jealousy she admits to.