Following a report earlier by’s Buster Olney that Boston is now willing to include OF Jacoby Ellsbury in a package swap for Twins P Johan Santana (though Olney stresses the Red Sox won’t trade Ellsbury and Jon Lester), the New York Daily News’ John Harper writes Minnesota think they can squeeze the Yankees for just a little more young talent.

The Yankees were hoping their decision Friday to include Phil Hughes in a trade package would seal a deal for Johan Santana, but the Twins weren’t wowed by the offer. Instead, they let word leak Saturday that they will be perfectly happy to go into next season with Santana in their starting rotation if they don’t get what they want.

And apparently what they want is another top-tier prospect from the Yankees, either pitcher Alan Horne or outfielder Austin Jackson (above), to go along with Hughes and center fielder Melky Cabrera.

The Yankees aren’t willing to give up a player of that level, at least for now, and were under the impression that including Hughes in the deal would make the third player a second-tier prospect.

Sources say the Twins are taking a similar stance with the Red Sox, insisting they add either pitcher Clay Buchholz or center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury to a package that features lefthander Jon Lester.

“They are adamant about not giving up Santana for a package they’re not happy with,” said one person with knowledge of the Twins’ position. “They have high demands and they won’t compromise them to just to make a deal.

Apparently the Twins came off their prior  demand for pitcher Ian Kennedy at some point last night, but they remained insistent on getting another high-level prospect. A Yankee source last night said such negotiating over a third prospect “shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.”

You can count Ben K. of River Ave. Blues as amongst those who wouldn’t be heartbroken if the Yankees walked away from this conversation.

If the Yankees are willing to give up all of Phil Hughes™ pre-free agency years for just one year of Johan Santana ” and, really, they™re only getting one year of the lefty from the Twins ” why should they then give up Cabrera and another player? We here might not be so high on Melky; the Twins aren™t that high on Melky, it seems. But for now, while Austin Jackson develops, he has a clear role on the team.

With Melky in the trade, the Yankees are simply giving up too much. They shouldn™t need Melky in this deal to complete, and if the Yanks realize that they™re getting one year of Santana and the distinct privilege of a negotiating window in order to pay the lefty too much, they would be wise to pull Melky out of the deal.