As an Arizona State alum, I barely shed a tear when the school dumped Dirk Koetter after the season. Despite his 40-33 overall record, he was 2-19 vs. ranked teams, 0-12 vs. Pac-10 teams in California, paralyzed by indecision and oversaw a program that included a fatal shooting of a former player by ex-running back Loren Wade. And fans here thought Dennis Erickson has baggage? A recruiting violation seems fairly trivial compared to, you know, murder.

As if to validate his awful decision making “ one more time, Dirk: Rudy Carpenter=bad; Sam Keller=good (now gone) “ Koetter could have sat on the $2.5 million ASU had to pay him for a buyout. But, no, Koetter, heralded as an offensive boy wonder upon his arrival in Tempe, is headed to Jacksonville to be the Jaguars’ offensive coordinator.

Hey, have fun with David Garrard. And, oh, Dirk, how’d that whole leaving Boise State thing work out for ya?